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State Insurance Department Picks ICM Web Portal

    February 10, 2016 Leave a comment Uncategorized ICM Admin

    Computers connected in a networkRecently, ICM Staff participated in several discovery sessions with a large State Insurance Department to plan the implementation of not one, but three new Web Portal Sites!

    Historically, this department’s staff have received large volumes of paper folders for Health Care Claims and State-mandated Insurance Company filings via traditional postal carriers. That typically required the filer to print out content from electronic files such as Word and Excel and then organize them into correspondence packages for mailing to the insurance department.

    Once received, insurance department staff would reverse the process, sorting the incoming mail packages and manually routing the folders through staff member’s in-boxes.

    The manual process is time-consuming for both the filer as well as for insurance department staff, is prone to quality issues (lost folders, bad printouts etc.) and provides little real-time data regarding what folders are in process at any point in time.

    ICM's Web Portal Solution allows three different filing groups to upload their documents electronically and provides a simple workflow process that insurance department staff will use to search for, process and report on folders that arrive via the Upload Web Portal. The system will use their existing ViewCenter document management solution and serves as their archival system of record, going forward.

    For the past two years, this customer has relied on ICM Scanning Services (back file and day forward), Custom Software Development and our ViewCenter Document Management Solution. ICM is grateful and pleased to further expand our relationship and support to include the Web Portal Solution.

    Learn how our Web Portal Solution can help your business or government agency. Use the link below to contact us today and one of our business solutions consultants will provide you a FREE DEMO.



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