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Can Government Be Cool? Web Portal Software Would Help.

    December 10, 2015 Leave a comment custom software development, customer solutions, web portal software, government entities ICM Admin

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    Technology is cool. Always has been, always will be. Government agencies don’t often get credit for being innovative, advanced, or even current in their use of technology. But that has changed. Your government agency can join in by using web portal software.

    We want to share how ICM Document Solutions has provided government agencies a web portal, InfoCenter, so they can share real-time content from multiple sources while meeting regulatory requirements and legal obligations. It allows content to be selectively available to external or corporate users while not compromising the security of internal systems or data.

    Government agencies are challenged to offer public services with limited budgets and resources. InfoCenter can reduce labor cost by providing government personnel:

    • Approval workflow to authenticate users
    • Anywhere access, storage and retrieval of data
    • Dashboard reporting of user interaction, and
    • The ability to save frequently used searches.

    And the bonus prize is that ICM can do all this with no development costs to implement the InfoCenter web portal; $0.

    Content can be published openly or require user authentication. Users can query, request and view records of any type, such as: applications, board meeting minutes, claims, complaints, criminal records, inspections, invoices, land records, licenses, permits and tax records to name only a few. This further reduces labor cost through user self-service.

    Do you want to better maintain and support your constituents, licensees, customers and vendors effectively, economically, instantly and securely with a web portal? If yes, contact us today!

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    custom software development, customer solutions, web portal software, government entities

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